Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

During the relaxation of covid-19 lock down rules I had the pleasure of joining a volunteer beach clean up team hoping that this commitment would help my mental and physical health and as a bonus support my local environment. We all have witnessed through the media the shocking disregard for the outstanding areas of natural beauty that our beaches, coast line and forests give freely to us each day. The shear scale of plastic waste that I witnessed dumped with no regard for our fragile environment has now led me on a new journey and compliments my 10 years working with tech start ups in health and social care, a sector I am passionate about. Daizy chain was founded to share and educate others about the options that are available to the world we live in to reduce our use at home and work environment of toxic chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are placed in.The solution Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) can replace over 80% of your current chemical disinfectants and if we all just start reducing a few from our shopping carts the daizy chain effect will grow with speed and improve our health, environment and save money for our families, friends and neighbours to enjoy a healthier safer world.

Woman and White Plastic