What is Toucan?

Toucan  is a kettle like unit that lets you make your own multi-surface disinfectant cleaner (HOCL) from just water, salt and electricity that is proven to kill bacteria. It’s safe and environmentally-friendly, and replaces 80% of chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are supplied in.

Does the solution (HOCL) work?

Yes, it does. It’s a proven and effective disinfectant and cleaning solution that is proven to kill  bacteria & viruses. The solution is also a mild disinfectant, providing clean, smear-free surfaces.

What makes it different?

Toucan is a strong and effective disinfectant cleaner solution that has been tested for a multitude of different applications and proved its efficacy for killing and de-activating spores, virus and bacteria.

The solution is proven to be as effective or indeed more effective than synthetic off the shelf disinfectants.

Perhaps most significantly,  it is non-allergenic, non-toxic, safe for humans and animals, with no waste and is 100% recyclable – and asthma friendly too.

Does it replace all chemicals?

Toucan solution a disinfectant and cleaning solution and will replace up to 85% of daily cleaning chemicals including general disinfectant, all-purpose cleaners, glass, and deodorisers. The main chemicals required other than Toucan are a de-greaser and limescale remover. It is as effective if not more so that many chemicals as a disinfectant and mild cleaning agent.

Is Toucan environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is. Toucan is made at home, work premises meaning there is no need to buy and store other daily cleaning chemicals other than de-greaser and limescale remover. Also, the system doesn’t generate waste so there is no chemical waste or packaging waste to dispose of and the cost of running the unit is extremely small.

How long does the solution last?

The solution will last between 5 and 7 days if it is kept in its container with the lid on and out of direct sunlight, at which point it will revert to salt water. As the solution is produced on demand at the touch of a button with the Toucan™ , if you are unsure just recharge the solution which will take 5 minutes.

Is the Toucan™ solution chemical free?

It is free of synthetic and harmful chemicals with just salt and water as the constituents

Is it recyclable?

Yes, you should never have to dispose of solution, just recharge at the touch of a button. 

How frequently can I activate the unit?

There is no reason to charge more than twice and a 5 minute rest between charges should be allowed.

Why charge the solution twice?

Charging the solution twice will increase its disinfectant properties for applications such as contaminated spills.

How do I clean the Toucan™ jug?

Wipe the inside of the jug to dry after use, there shouldn’t be any need for further maintenance. Please note the jug is not dishwasher proof.

What is the best way to clean with Toucan ?

The solution is ready to use so there is no need to mix with any other cleaning product – it doesn’t need the help. Simply spray the solution onto a cloth (ideally microfiber) or the surface to be cleaned and wipe thoroughly to cover the whole area. Toucan™  solution is suitable for disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces from food preparation, toys, phones*, keyboards*, monitors*, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, windows, furniture, carpets, car interiors and so on – pretty much any surface in the home. Water can leave marks on untreated wood, so take care. The solution is also ideal as a natural sanitiser and kills bacteria that cause them in the first place. Spray lightly onto a micro fibre cloth lightly dampen before wiping the surface, don’t spray the solution directly onto electrical items, after all, it is water).

Any surface to avoid?

All surfaces can be cleaned but because it contains salt in can oxidise on certain metal surfaces and potentially cause rust, as water or any other chemical cleaner.

Will it clean grease?

It will be effective as a daily cleaner for light grease on surfaces and cookers for example where no build-up occurs. If a build-up does occur then a de-greaser maybe required.

Is the Toucan solution certified?

The solution, known as ECAS (electrochemically activated solution) has been extensively tested against US and European standards and is found to have high anti-virus/ bacterial efficacy up to 99.999%. It is certified to BS EN1276 and EN13697 as being safe to use as a general disinfectant. It is also safe for use in food preparation and is listed under Article 95 of the EU Biocides regulations. At the end of June 2020 it will be EN14776 virus tested approved.